Software as a Service

DACENSO deploys a simplified full service online platform supporting all crucial end-to-end processes from certificate collection to auditing.​​

Our services are accessible whenever and wherever you need access. There is no need to download any desktop applications and you are always using the latest software upgrade available.​

Simplicity is Key

There is no need for training sessions or to become an IT geek to use EXEMPTAX®. Our user interface is designed to handle complex functions intuitively through a logical step by step workflow.​

Enable a broader team to support your tax validation processes and avoid relying on those single subject matter experts in your organization to handle your exemptions.​

Support your Auditor

Make the life of your auditors a little easier by providing them with controlled remote online access to the data they need. This will allow for a smoother audit process for both parties with the result of faster audit cycles.​

Remember, auditors are not the enemy – audit risks are.

Let us Help You

Our Managed Services offering enables you to free up your key resources for other critical tasks in your organization. Realize immediate cost savings by utilizing our teams to handle your tax compliance processes.​

Let us to do the heavy lifting for you.​

EXEMPTAX® mitigates your audit exposure